Sunday, March 15, 2020

How I Became a Competitive Gamer essays

How I Became a Competitive Gamer essays To most kids, gaming has an unlimited attraction - in fact, for some, it seems to have almost taken over their souls. Nearly every kid likes to be the hero in their video games. And, I admit that I am one of them. I started playing video games when 8 years old. At first, it was all about having fun. Then, one day, I began to play a game called "Counter-Strike 1.5". This game was influential in making me thee serious competitive gamer I am today. My first memory of playing video games was "FC" games. I had to go to the gaming station to play them secretly, because my parents thought playing games was harmful to my studies and an FC was too expensive for a normal family. Unfortunately, one day I was caught right outside the station by my mother. She was angry and warned me that if I went back there to play the games again, I would lose all my allowance and pocket money. I was frightened by this threat, so for a very short while, I gave up video games. After two game-less weeks, my desire to get my hands on a game controller kicked into overdrive because my uncle bought a new game system. He was a gamer even though at that time he was 35 years old. Although he was not rich and the FC machine would cost him 200 yuan, which was as much as his monthly salary, he finally made the purchase. My aunt knew that I wanted to play badly too, so she brought the machine to my house for me on every holiday. It was great to play in my own house and also, because it was on holidays, my parents didn't stop me from playing. Those were the happiest days of a year for me. I began to dream of one day buying myself my own FC. Although I could not go into the station and play anymore, I could stand outside and watch the other kids play. I really wanted my own FC. Popular games at that time were Warriors of Fate, Cadillac's of Dinosaurs, Street Fighter, Captain Commando, and the classic RaidenX and at that time, I was a better watcher than a ...

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