Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Prep for Assignment 3hrc

Ought Preparation for Assignment 3HRC Activity A A new manager is starting in the organisation shortly. You have been asked to provide a ten minute presentation that will give the manager some understanding of the organisation in preparation for their start. The presentation may be made one-to-one or to a larger group. The information you provide should include: †¢ the purpose and goals of the organisation a list of the main products and services of the organisation †¢ an identification of the main customers †¢ an analysis of a minimum of 4 external factors and their impact on the business activities of an organisation †¢ the structure and at least 4 functions of the organisation †¢ an explanation of how these different functions work together within the organisation to optimise performance †¢ an identification of the culture of the organisation and at least 2 ways this affects operations Purpose and goals | | | |The purpose of our organisation is to giv e support and advice to the public who are in need of | | |welfare.Our goals are to get people into work and to help claim the right benefits; giving the | | |best possible service provided by our knowledgeable in house advisers. We provide an integrated | | |service through a single point of contact and focus on work as the best way to lift families out| | |of poverty, to raise incomes and to combat social exclusion. | | | | | | |Main products and services | | | |The products we offer are JSA, ESA, Pensions and Income Support but the list doesn’t end there. | | |We help with Carers Allowance and other means tested benefits.We offer services and advice to | | |all our customers which include internal customers in other departments within our organisation. | | | | | | | | | | |Main customers | | | |We have an extensive customer base our direct customers are the Public.We also have Employers | | |(providing jobs and training), Agencies, Providers who help our long term unemploy ed into work, | | |Local Councils , Schools and Colleges, Training establishments, The Army, Navy the list goes on | | |and all of whom have a role to play in the welfare to work agenda. | | | | | | |4 external factors and their impact |There are many external factors that have an impact on us its quite vast so I’ll stick to the | | |main causes †¦. | | |1.The Recession†¦ re-educating the public on how to find work and applying a different outlook | | |on what jobs are available in our immediate industrial area. | | |2. Redundancies†¦ mean more claimants; increase in work load which in turn will mean learning new| | |roles within the departments and consolidating our procedures to cope with the rising of | | |unemployment. | |3. New employers create work for our customers so we have to be on the pulse of what’s happening| | |in our local industries. This also has an impact on off flow and work load again creating more | | |work within our establishment t o maintain records of our customers. | |4. Any government legislation change has a big impact on us with new learning skills being | | |implemented within our departments and getting the right information fed down to us from | | |management so we can deliver the changes to the public as accurately and as quickly as possible. | | | | | | |Structure of the organisation + 4 functions |Our Structure is of a Hierarchical type. We have many departments of which are led by a site | | |Manager and departmental mangers who hand off to line managers to our individual teams. | |We are monitored by performance and performance issues to get the right balance. We make sure we| | |are up to date with all new changes in procedures and policies and deliver them to the public. | | |We need to maintain the delivery of our business to succeed in helping to get the economy back | | |on track. | |We have a responsibility to progress and achieve and highlight any areas where good practice has| | |not been met. | | |The DWP and Jobcentre Plus have to promote disability and equality, race and gender and good | | |customer service. | | | | | | | | | |How the functions work together | | | |These functions promote a good working practice to deliver a strong and diverse workforce.This | | |maintains the delivery of our business as a whole and monitors the performance of the | | |organisation. | | | | | | |Culture of the organisation and 2 ways this affects| | |operations |The Jobcentre is a key part of the Government’s strategy for welfare reform.It brings together | | |the services of the Employment Service and the Benefits Agency to provide a single point of | | |delivery for jobs, benefits advice and support for people of working age. | |We have everything under one roof giving benefits and employment advice, a personal adviser | | |service to help people back into work, and work-focused interviews for all new benefit claimants| | |of working age. | | |All Claimants have the sup port and encouragement to move towards independence and work.We are | | |flexible, innovated and always have on going learning to deliver excellence in customer service. | | |. | | | | | | | | | |

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